Complex broadcast technical operation services

  • Radio and tv signals emission (FM, DAB+, DVB-T/T2, other on-demand)
  • IP links services (microwaves, fiber-optics, wireless)

Support and repairment services

  • Comissioning and maintanance of the customer’s system (transmitters, broadcast processing equipment and antennas systems)


Site acquisition dedicated to telco projects

  • Acquisition
  • Contract negotiation (purchase, space/area sharing)
  • Paper and legal work
  • Administration and other formal requirements

Antenna systems designing

  • Evaluation of broadcast parameters
  • Montage of the antenna(s) on the site
  • Number and type of antenna(s)
  • Solution proposal (incl. constrains)
  • Signal propagation analysis with designed system

Broadcasting station building

  • Full chain of work packages from aquistion, over commissioning, to equipment selection and configuration

Equipment distribution

BCAST cooperates with the biggest vendors and most important market suppliers worldwide, among can be listed:

  • SIRA – vendor of antenna systems from Italy
  • RVR – vendor of transmitters from Italy
  • GATES AIR – biggest in the world vendor of radio and tv transmitters from USA
  • AUDEMAT/ECRESO – France based vendor of radio tranmission and monitoring equipment

Onboard support from Partners is the key quarantor of quality and continuation of services.