• Broadcasting
  • Telecommunication
  • Equipment distribution
  • BroadcastingBroadcasting

    Complex broadcast technical operation services

    • Radio and tv signals emission (FM, DAB+, DVB-T/T2, other on-demand)
    • IP links services (microwaves, fiber-optics, wireless)

    Support and repairment services

    • comissioning and maintanance of the customer’s system (transmitters, broadcast processing equipment and antennas systems)
  • Telecommunication


    Site acquisition dedicated to telco projects

    • Acquisition
    • Contract negotiation (purchase, space/area sharing)
    • Paper and legal work
    • Administration and other formal requirements

    Antenna systems designing

    • Evaluation of broadcast parameters
    • Montage of the antenna(s) on the site
    • Number and type of antenna(s)
    • Solution proposal (incl. constrains)
    • Signal propagation analysis with designed system

    Broadcasting station building

    Full chain of work packages from aquistion, over commissioning, to equipment selection and configuration

  • Equipment distribution

    Equipment distribution

    • BCAST cooperates with the biggest vendors and most important market suppliers worldwide, among can be listed:
      • SIRA – vendor of antenna systems from Italy
      • RVR – vendor of transmitters from Italy
      • GATES AIR – biggest in the world vendor of radio and tv transmitters from USA
      • AUDEMAT/ECRESO – France based vendor of radio tranmission and monitoring equipment
    • Onboard support from Partners is the key quarantor of quality and continuation of services.