BCAST serves complex emission services for the public and commercial broadcaster both radio and tv on the territory of Poland. The company leads investment processes of telco stations building in the whole chain – from frequency agreement, over localization, through buildining work, to integration with required technology and equipment.

The pillar of BCAST team are people with ten-odd years of experience in telecommunication and in finance (big corpo and SME).

BCAST can be divided into 3 main divisions:

  • SALES – negotiate and confirm conditions for the rollout of new projects with both: public (Polskie Radio – Polish Radio, and Regional stations of Polish Radio) and commercial broadcasters (RMF FM – Bauer Media Group, ESKA, Radio ZET, Agora, other smal and local)
  • INVESTMENT – responsible for sites aquisition and coordination of buildining work
  • ENGINEERING AND MAINTANANCE liable for technical commissiong of services, herein transmitter instalation and configuration, and mainly for reaction in case of abnormal operation, issues or outages.

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